June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
We use natural precious and semi-precious stones, silver, gold plate
and metal clasps in our designs for durability and afford ability.  
Our designs are meant to be in harmony with nature. Each piece
should remind you of a place or time, real or imagined, in nature.

When you compare our pieces to mass-produced pieces, you will
find them more reasonably priced, made from actual stones and as
unique as you are. Free shipping & exceptional service.
for you
Site: www.trinkets4u.com                        Contact: lisa@trinkets4u.com                          Handmade, Quality Jewelry
About us.......
We are an Iowa
based business.
Family owned with
excellent customer
service and pride in
the quality of our
Contact us Via Email: lisa@trinkets4u.com
Upcoming Shows and Information

Great News! For the past few years we have focused on quality, affordable jewelry made solely from natural stone.
This year, my dream of returning to stone cutting and silver smithing has started! We will continue to have our regular
offerings with great necklaces starting at $34 and going to $80+, but will be adding hand cut stone and artisan pieces
starting at $125 and up. You already know our commitment to quality and afford ability, so I am excited to be able to
offer very unique and beautiful items with this same approach. Watch the site for pictures and pieces in the new line!

2018  Schedule:

Callahan Promotions Spring Craft Show: Feb 23rd-25th-

Ren Faire After Dark- May 19th & 20th. View info at  
SHRF After Dark

Iowa Metaphysical Fair  June 2nd & 3rd. View info at Ia Metaphysical Fair

New-  Bootleggers Ball- Omaha on July 21st

Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow-Labor Day & next two weekends in Sept. View info at

Holiday show, Callahan Promotions at the State Fair Grounds, November 16-18

Interested in Don's Steam Punk/ Architectural Lamps?
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Announcement! We are pleased to feature a full selection of art by a new and upcoming artist, Clark Grinde!
View the pieces by clicking this link:  
Clark Grinde Fine Art
Featured  Piece
This piece is a mix of blue Sodalite  It
envokes the feeling of mountains in the
distance on a clear, summer day. The
piece is comfortable to wear as the weight
is distributed across the base of the neck.
Finished with our signature, easy to use,
clasp and hook.
Cool, Summer Mountains