June 2nd, 2005
Alexandria & Roberto
We use natural precious and semi-precious stones, silver, gold plate
and metal clasps in our designs for durability and afford ability.  
Our designs are meant to be in harmony with nature. Each piece
should remind you of a place or time, real or imagined, in nature.

When you compare our pieces to mass-produced pieces, you will
find them more reasonably priced, made from actual stones and as
unique as you are. Free shipping & exceptional service.
for you
Site: www.trinkets4u.com                        Contact: lisa@trinkets4u.com                          Handmade, Quality Jewelry
About us.......
We are an Iowa
based business.
Family owned with
excellent customer
service and pride in
the quality of our
Contact us Via Email: lisa@trinkets4u.com
2017 Shows:
we are ramping up and excited to the start of Faire Season!
First three weekends in September: Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow.  Details here:
.com/ under our business line :The Gypsy Moon Trading Company

Third weekend in November: Callahan Craft Show at the State Fair Grounds

Interested in Don's Steam Punk/ Architectural Lamps?
Simply click the "Lamps" button on the left side of this page. We will have lots of lamps at the Callahan Craft Show in
late November
Artwork by new artist Clark Grinde! We will
have several of Clark's fluid and introspective
pieces on display and for sale Stop by to see
these expressive pieces for your self
Love, faith and the Renaissance spirit are
captured beautifully by writer Mattew E Nordin
We will have copies of his book, "Musings of
the Northern Poet" for sale. Sample of one of
my favorites below
An Angel's Ring

Please do tell me sweet fae
Who you're charming today
Though I know what you'd say
I wish to go your way

Your hypnotic eyes sing
Do not turn a cold wing
Oh what joy it would bring
For you're an angel's ring

Stop by to read the end of this poem
and many other great poems at our
As always, you can find a few pieces of our jewelry through the links on the left.  We
bring more than 80 pieces to every show- so stop by to see the full collection!
We are also honored to support fellow artists: